Nakedness, denoting fragility and vulnerability should cause us sadness, sorrow or at least compassion. I'm not talking about bodies; I'm talking about the nakedness of thought. The most intimate we have, what really makes us individuals.


La por.
(Fear) My nephew Lucas, me and my uncle Luiz Simoes. Platinum on cotton paper. 70 x 160 cm.







The belly. In the center of this bag of wishes and dreams that we are, where we digest, where we engender, we all have a scar.
Silver gelatine on cotton paper. 65 x 170 cm.







Three self-portraits for my concrete head. Silver gelatine and my glasses on concrete and acrylic painting on wood. 40 x 90 x 25 cm.







Three pairs of chairs. Silver gelatine on coton paper and Silver gelatine on transparent acrylic overlapped. 50 x 55 x 5 cm.