We have accumulated knowledge; we have formulated theories and found possible explanations for some of the primordial questions. We have even created gods in our image and likeness, but we still think and act homocentrically, believing that the entire universe, with its billions of galaxies made up of their billions or trillions of stars, circles around us. As if everything belonged to us; as if we can do anything with all things; as if we ourselves are the great thing.

But... above all, many things or few things is not a great thing. Something strange is that anything or something has something to do with an other thing. There’s nothing else to think, that’s life... kid’s stuff, grown-up stuff, and if not, to another thing, butterfly. But, would you believe it! In something like a minute ago, I had never seen anything like this. Everything in its place; home things, the public thing, things we share... everything or few things. As if nothing happened, what a pointless thing... Don’t we have anything more important to do? It's a matter of patience, but that's a different thing. Craze thing! Oh, isn't that something! What a thing! What? What a weird idea! Well... that's my business.


Cosas son solo cosas (Things are just things)
front: Siver gelatin on canvas / back: Poliuretane foan, acrylic, iron pigments and broken bycicle frame. 90 x 146 cm





Cosa de niños (Kid stuff)
Toy guns, iron, iron oxide and hydroxide on jute canvas. 90 x 146 x 19 cm





What are you doing?
Iron oxide and hydroxide, acrylic, wood and piano strings on canvas iron framed. 108 x 193 x 7 cm





Things of collecting. Gelatina de plátano sobre plato virada al orín. (Banana gelatin on plate urine toned)
Silver gelatin on paper gold toned. 49 x 59 cm





Fotografia d'una C en un dia mullat. (Photograph of a C in a wet day)
C - Print on diasec. 49 x 59 cm (dia sec = dried day)





Duratrans on plexiglas floating over my plastic rubbish accumulated in one year, latex and acrylic panting in light box. 13 x 90 x 234 cm





¿Qué cosa?
36 telephones that belonged to a police station, 36 mobile phone photographs on plexiglas, acrylic painting, male and female voices and electronics in oxidised iron box. 14 x 95 x 185 cm




Duratrans on Plexiglas floating over electronic circuit boards in light box. 21 x 120 x 234 cm





Eva, Adán y las cosas
13 minute video from a dance performance. Music for Basuróphonos, female voice, handsaw and percussion, 32 inch screen and media player in oxidised iron box 13 x 90 x 120 cm







Madrid, 2008



Galeria Blanca Berlin, 2008



Madrid, 2008





The 10th Havana Biennial, 2009